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- This is FICTIONAL and only a character created by jenkinsjf

- This character is ORIGINAL from an ORIGINAL STORY. Please don't steal him.

- Posts are public for your enjoyment. Feel free to play along in character or out.

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Never before in his life had Page ever been in that kind of heat before. His family had hardly ever traveled. There were lots of places he had never been and lots of places he would probably never go to. It was really quite sad, but there wasn't much he could do about it now. Texas would have to be good enough for him. He stepped outside and took in the sight of the lucious trees and the heat. Palm trees. He'd never seen one of those before in his life - not in person at least.

"So what are we doing here?" He asked Ryan quietly while he waited for Tucker and the girls to get their luggage. "What's so important that's in Texas?"

"We need to see what your powers can do," Ryan said carefully. "So think of this as a test before we get to our real destination alright? Just enjoy it. It's gonna buy you some time. It's a side quest of sorts."

"A side quest. So how many journeys are we going to be making then?" Page asked.

"I think three, maybe four, maybe. We have a few artifacts we have to gather for our family. We can't do that though because our family is kind of, well, dead. So we need them to get them for us, or at least tell us where they are."

"And they never gave you any other hints before?"

"No," Ryan whispered. "Because we're not from here. We're not on Earth, and all of the records about us being here are very non-existant." He gave Page a weak smile. "We'll figure out a way to help you. We're not going to let them do anything to you, but just go along with it all."

"Why are you helping me? I didn't think you cared," Page whispered as well. He reached into his carry on bag for his sunglasses. It was one of the few things he actually had in it. Tucker had gotten him a PSP to play on for the flight, few old games and movies, and a pair of headphones. Page downloaded some music, and it was enough to keep him entertained for the few hours that he had been on the plane. Beyond that he had nothing in his name. No clothes outside of the ones that he wore, and barely a half eaten bag of cheese its.

"Of course we care," Ryan said softly. "I mean, you're a good kid, and no matter where you're coming from, you still deserve a chance to try and be good. I mean, you are good, but to break away and have that second opportunity to live life, I guess I just feel bad for you." He sighed softly, "I don't want to get all personal though. That's like, girl, mushy, stuff."

"Uh, okay," Page was glad he had the sunglasses on so that Ryan could watch him roll his eyes. he never knew what to think of either of the twins. Ryan was a diva, Tucker was an asshole, and still no matter what, they always surprised him. He idn't understand them, and he didn't really want to. They weren't in the same kind of mold that he was, that was for sure. "Well, thanks for having so much faith in my abilities to be good." -I don't know if you should though. Maybe they're right, maybe I am just as bad as the rest of my family is? Maybe there is no hope and I do deserve to die before I get a chance to become too tainted and cause even more damage?-

The girls and Tucker joined them with the bags. Nobody said a word.

* * * * *

Never before in her life had Kaden met two people who were so obnoxious and that was saying a lot considering she did spend a lot of time with Jessi. Ryan was like an A. D. D. hamster. Every store they passed on the river walk in San Antonio, Ryan demanded that they go inside so he could look at every shiny object that existed with great detail, and play with all of the toys. All they were trying to do was find a place to eat some dinner before they had their long over nighter in the Alamo. Whatever reason they were staying in such a creepy, evil haunted place for, it sucked, and she wasn't looking forward to it. As much as she loved the dark and morbid, something about camping out with ghosts and a necromancer spelled trouble. The problem with trying to find food wasn't just Ryan, but Tucker was a ridiculously picky eater, so everything they passed just wasn't good enough.

"I think this is too authentic for my stomach. Your Earth food is a lot different from the food we have back home." Tucker said, again.

Kaden rolled her eyes and dragged Page with her into a restaurant that had a pretty fountain in the entryway and tiled blue tables. Who knew what kind of food it had, but it looked cute, and she was going for it. "We're eating here! We'll see you at the hotel in two hours."

"Kaden!" Davey snapped.

"I'm tired of waiting for these fucking tools to make up their minds! I want to fucking eat!" She snapped back. "And I'm not eating fast food again, it's making my stomach want to die!" She walked up to the host, dragging Page with her. "Two please."

Page looked at her with wide eyes, "Why me?"

"Well if you want to go and eat at McDonald's, or Taco Hell, or Slutway, or Burger King, or Dick in a Box, be my guest." She snapped at him. "I just thought I'd save you from that torment, since you seem to be the only one willing and having an open mind to eating anywhere. Besides, do you really want me to leave you alone with THEM?"

"No," he mumbled quietly, "I guess not. Actually it's good to get away." He took a good look around him, taking the whole scene in. It was obvious that he hadn't been anywhere outside of his home town before. "Everyone is so uptight, all business, no fun. Or all fun and no business for that matter. They just make me really nervous. I know your friends would kill me if they had the chance. I'm pretty sure Tucker doesn't care what happens to me. Ryan is just strange." he looked at her. "You're the only one I don't know what to think about right now."

"And why is that?"

"Because you do things that just confuse me. It's like one minute you're hating my guts and trying to hurt me, and then the next you're all concerned for me. I just don't really understand it, that's all." He shrugged and started to play with his silverware nervously. Every so often his blue eyes would meet hers. "Not like it matters if you are nice to me. I just don't get it."
Alright people, so there's this lady, her name is m_stiefvater and she's got this new book coming out about Werewolves and what not. Have I mentioned how awesome that is? I don't find a lot of those, and there's too much Vampire stuff running around. Boo. And since my girlfriend is a super sexy Werewolf, I had to post about this.

Go check it out:

"I have to pee," Page whined from the backseat of Kaden's car. "I really mean it! It's been like, five fucking hours. Doesn't your car need some fucking gas or something?" He was tired and crabby. Every other word that came out of his mouth would naturally be 'fuck'. "I mean, you've got a huge gas gussling beast here!"

"Here," She said and handed him an empty coke bottle. "You can use this."

"It's not gonna fit in that," He mumbled sourly.

"Oh whatever," Kaden scoffed quietly. "Don't be so full of yourself."

"I didn't mean it like ... like that!" He growled at her. "I mean, I chugged like thirty two fucking ounces of soda before you stormed into my bedroom and I can't exactly displace that much liquid magically. It's gotta go somewhere. I could just piss all over your leather seats if you want though. I don't really care, just thought I'd be curteous or something."

Kaden rolled her eyes a little as she listened to him talk. He was annoying, cute, but so very annoying. She was about to say something when the gaslight turned on. "You're in luck. I need gas, so I guess you can take a piss, but if you try to run away I'll not only shoot you, but I'll shoot up the entire station." She wasn't bluffing and he knew that. She hoped he did at least. She didn't necessarily want to draw a lot of attention to herself. "Besides, how would anyone be able to help you anyway? Who'd WANT to?"

"People like me," Page mumbled. "I'm not going to try and run away though. Alright? I don't mind being taken away." He could only hope that those two aliens could keep him alive. He was banking on that. He didn't care if he was being used and put to work, he just wanted to be out of there. "Just wanna pee. Maybe get a snack cause I'm really fucking hungry."

"Alright," Kaden said quietly and parked in front of a pump. She got out of it and started to fuel up her SUV, once it was full, she went to get him unbuckled and looking casual before escorting him into the gas station. "What do you want to eat?"

"I dunno, chips or pretzels or something. Just something good." He mumbled as he made a beeline for the bathroom. "I trust you to get something," He said softly before shutting himself into the men's room. She looked at him a bit startled. He loved that look on her face.

Kaden looked at the snack food. She was tempted to get something gross to watch him devour it in misery, but decided she'd have some pity on him before they arrived at her home. Besides, Jesi and Davey would scare him so badly that he'd just puke it back up anyway, and that was far more fun in terms of torture.

Page was true to his word. He did only have to take a tinkle, and he was out in less than a minute and next to her again. "Okay, I'm done!"

"That was quick, but I guess it doesn't have very to travel." She smirked at him devilishly before grabbing a bag of cheddar pretzel combos and taking it up to the counter.

"I've got the art of peeing standing up down." He said, perhaps a little too proud of himself.

"Aren't you an accomplished youngster." She mumbled.

"Youngster? Who are you calling a youngster? I bet I'm older than you! How old are you anyway?" He asked curiously.

"Sixteen, why?"

"You're the youngster."

"Age is just a number anyway," And then she paid for the gas before ushering him back to the car. The strange alien twins were there waiting. She wasn't sure how they had known about the stop. She was positive she had been ahead of them to the point of losing them. Still, every few minutes she'd look behind her and there they were. They'd be taken care of back with her pack.

Page shrugged and paused before climbing into the passenger seat of the car. She glared at him and he simply shrugged again, "What? Do you want to be a chaufer? I told you, I want to leave. You're doing me a favor here alright?"

"Fine, but one-."

"Wrong move, yeah I know, my brains will be on the pavement. I got it the first time babe."

She snorted at him angrily. "If anyone is a babe here, it's you, and that's because you're a big pig!"

"Says the girl who snorts like one," He shot back. He stopped when she smacked him hard in the back of the head. They were quiet the rest of the ride to Greeley.

* * * * *

When they entered the diner, Davey looked at the small group of them, and she did not look happy. Kaden knew this was going to be a rough 'talk'. Davey motioned for the group to go to the back room. She'd be there soon enough after she made sure things were settled in the business first.

To be continued....

Part one. To be continued at kadensmith

Page was staring down the barrel of a gun and then up at quite possibly the most gorgeous girl his age that he had ever seen in his life. Why the hell was she trying to kill him? Sure, he came from what would be considered an evil cult. That was the only culture he ever knew, but for being in such a dark and evil lifestyle, he wasn't that bad. He hadn't killed an innocent, yet. Harassed and annoyed them, sure, but he wasn't allowed to kill or torture or disfigure any of the innocents until after he passed his rite of passage. His particular rite of passage was to get married and breed the next generation of members and future deliquents.

Page was only seventeen. That was how young they started there. Him being the possible son of the head elder, as well as being the only necromancer the cult has seen since its creation, has made him prime meat for breeding. As long as his wife had the first child, then he could screw around as much as he wanted on the side. She had to be the first. She had to have the proper children. It helped establish a hierarchy through the bloodlines.

He was lucky. He could have been forced to partake in the group breeding, or soul gatherings, which was how he was conceived. Those brought into the world through that particular ritual were especially special, but it only happened during a turning point for the cult. Only a small group participated. He wasn't sure what he would do in a situation like that.

Really, Page wanted the wife and kids and the happy home with the white picket fence. It was the kind of atmosphere that he had grown up with in his immediate family. Monogamy was an optional practice in his culture, and it was a practice that he wanted to do. The problem was, he hated his chosen fiancee. He didn't at one point in time, but as she grew into being even more evil and he struggled with his own soul, he started to hate her. These feelings intensified when she murdered his parents.

He wanted out. He knew that he could try and runaway again. It was that desire that had gotten his parents killed, but he was willing to risk it again. He couldn't let them have died in vain. Being killed would be an out, but it wasn't the one that he wanted. He hated having to pay for his family's sins.

"Look, you don't have to do this. Alright?" Page said quietly, looking up at this beautiful girl, who couldn't have been older than him, with large and pathetic looking eyes. Instead of faltering, she readied her gun, cocking it, and returned it to his forehead. "Oh shit, please, I didn't do anything okay?"

"They kill a kid, we kill one of theirs," she said to him flatly. "It's nothing personal."
He closed his eyes and was expecting for his brains to be on the wall behind him any second, when there two new voices who entered into the room.

"I wouldn't do that girlie," One said, and when Page looked up he saw two identical looking young men, with cute matching kitty tails and all.

"Yeah, he belongs to us." The other said.

Page looked between the two, trying to figure out if they were going to kill him too? Or were they there to help him? Or use him? He was thinking that they wanted to use him more than anything, so that begged the question - would he rather die or be used? "Excuse me, but who the fuck are you people?"

"I'm Ryan," one of the men said confidently and then pointed towards the other, "And this is my lovely assistant Tucker. We're twins."

"Get out of here Captain Obvious," the girl snapped, "Because I mount your asses on my wall." She returned the gun to Page's head and was about the squeeze the trigger when the gun dismantled itself in her hands. "What the fuck just happened?" She turned to Ryan and Tucker, "What did you just do?"

"Told you, you're not allowed to kill him," then as an after thought Ryan (he thought it was Ryan at least) added, "Yet. Miss?"

"Kaden," the girl said sharply.

"Isn't that a dude name?"

"What's going on?" Page interjected.

"We can't let you kill him," Tucker said quickly. "We need him. You can kill him after we need him!"

"CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON!?" Page shouted at them all before another one could even bother to respond. "I'm REALLY fucking confused here okay?"

"There's someone you need to bring back for us," Ryan grabbed Page by the arm and pulled him over to the twins for safe keeping. "So, you're going to help us and then after that, she can do whatever she wants to you!"

"Uh, yeah, that's real nice insentive to help you out." Page mumbled to himself.

Ryan looked over at Kaden smugly, "I figured that'd be a fair deal."

Kaden folded her arms in front of her angrily. "I have to talk with my pack-mates about it." She grabbed Page by the arm and pulled him over to her. "So until then, he's MINE, and we can discuss this elsewhere before one of his asshole family members finds us and we're all in some serious shit." She put a blindfold over Page's eyes and started to drag him out of the room to who knew where. "And we're discussing this at my place."

Page was seriously confused.
Which would you rather be - deaf or blind? Why?

This is a pretty tough question. I love music, and I love being able to do things that require vision. Like, it's really hard to ski or snowboard or skateboard or do anything without being able to see. So I guess I'll be deaf. I communicate enough with my hands anyway, and then I'd have an excuse to not talk. Overall though, I think I'd prefer to be a mute.

Choose one person in your life that you have lost (Any kind of loss), and tell us what you would say if they came back.

I guess I could make them come back, but I kind of don't want to. I'd talk to my parents again though. I'd tell them I loved them, and that I'm sorry they died and that it was my fault that it happened.

Choose one person in your life that you wish would get lost (again, any kind of 'lost'), and why you want them gone.

My other dad/uncle/whatever the hell he is. He can fall face first on a spike.

1. Trick What's your favorite trick? It can be anything from a prank to a magic trick to whatever else comes to mind.

When we were growing up and people had a harder time telling us apart, me and my brother switched places a lot. It was fucking hilarious and awesome. I love confusing the hell out of people.

2. Treat What's your favorite childhood treat? Candy apples? Brownies? Snickers? And why?

Snickers salad. It's awesome. It's got apples, and whip cream, and Snickers in it. My mom would make it for dinner sometime. But my favorite food is still nutella and marshmallow fluff sandwiches. Especially on toasted bread? It's totally divine. Or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, but that's more of a staple than a treat.

What two material things can't you live without?

My mini photo album and my Care Bear friend. Laugh it up. I don't care.

What would you do if one of those things were taken from you and you had no way of getting it back?

Not gonna lie, I'd probably bawl my eyes out. They're really all I have left of anything resembling normal right now.

Army or Navy?

Navy. They're like mermaids with guns and shit. Not really, but humor me. I like the water.

A. Kill one person to save 1,000,000 others? (you are not allowed to kill yourself)

B. Kill 1,000,000 people to save someone in particular? (you are not in danger in this instance)

Would you sacrifice yourself in order to save 1,000,000 people even if they never learned your name?

It's hard to say A versus B. It's all circumstantial stuff. I wouldn't have a problem doing any of those really, but it's gotta be about the right thing and the right people.

Things you are thankful for and things that you are Un-Thankful for (or you wish would go away)

I'm thankful for life, for friends, for family, that I'm still alive, that I'm free...sorta, and that I get to see all these cool places. I wish all my stupid heritage stuff would go away though. That sucks.

Lose your soul in one fell swoop as a result of a deal with a supernatural force (devil, demon, dijini, etc.) OR Lose your soul bit by bit as a result of your own actions?

I'd rather lose it fast. It hurts too much to lose it piece by piece as time goes by. I'd rather it just be taken away and have it done with. This turmoil is destroying me right now. I hate trying to be one thing, and then really be turned into something else. I try so hard to be good, and I feel like it's just all getting thrown back at me.